You sleep with your jewelry?

As stated by one day one of you (jeweler profession), “sleep with gold and silver coins, it’s like sleeping with stilettos.”

I can only strongly plussoyer: like (I love saying “like” it reminds me of the dearly missed Desproges) Mireille Darc in The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe , as soon as I pass the threshold of my flat file I remove all my jewelry (not I not cut dress in the back, but I would like ;-).

I think it’s really more comfort. Even a thin ring bothers me when I’m home. Lack of training and habit. Then sleep with (I even removed my necklace Panzavolta), thank you, and why not with heels?

Beauty You sleep with your jewelry?  make up

The problems and what I like about Android

Today the Holy Innocents, a day of jokes and burlesque lies protected under this healthy habit of teasing people, I want to express with total and absolute clarity myclearest thoughts on android, specifically about what I DO NOT like , I can not stand and I hate android.

What I like, I can read every day, although we are not a blog that only good news, try to be as honest and faithful wing information as possible and report the good, the bad and regularly. A big ecosystem as android has to have all, if not, something weird smell like other cases not worth mentioning. In each house there are black sheep and dirt. The best way to know you’re doing the right thing and choosing one OS over another , we know by heart all the bugs, glitches or just things you do not like and that others might like it. This is my list:

  1. I hate it when my android battery lasts me absolutely nothing , no half measures, is a real shit and not worth me excuses of any kind. Each and every one of the android have a battery management insufferable, it’s true that you can do many things and there are 300 synchronizations and widgets that make it happen, there are 300 apps to manage, reduce consumption and a thousand tricks to minimize spending, but I want the battery to last me no more, without changing the battery or more parts, without tricks, without being an expert. No excuses, is short and needs to improve.
  2. There are hundreds of thousands of applications, and except for a dozen of them, the rest of them have a rather simple, poor and even bad interface and operation.True, there are apps to do everything and often prefer to do well to be nice, but is that even though things are effective, if they are not pretty or pleasant to use, the feeling is not complete. Missing many good games, missing my famous, missing my taste I pay they deserve, need a market to help me find better good new applications, missing, missing … and spare hundreds of applications of dubious quality, provenance and directly is malware. ‘s android marketing apps and swarming around him is a wild dunghill where to dig the well, and is inevitably have to staining. No thanks.
  3. I’m not interested Roms, or interest me just enough. not want you to tell me that this or that can do it as root and getting nosequerom with weird name DJ outdated, I do so without more without crossing swamps and ask sphinxes . I know there are many people who love to tinker and brings a lot to porpio android system but I personally not worth me as an excuse or as a balm or cure anything, is a patch for the common user.
  4. Given the above, not worth it to me if I do not update my phone is because I feel like because Nosequien has released a version of a particular ROM with the latest update of Android. No stability assures me anything I do not want to waste my time searching and updating with fear of doing something wrong if I’m not an expert. It is also true that the updates I no longer care so much, but if you would like to upgrade my phone with few guarantees on flat and clear deadlines. 
  5. Sean by considerations which are, everyone knows that the fluidity of the menus, graphical environments, and any facts that are the inmmediata response SO our finger, android is not nearly polished enough and fails, locks, and drag lag and slowness often , again, I do not care for whatever reason, do not like and do not want it that way.
  6. Manufacturers do not take advantage at all of the system freedom to innovate.counted are four things that the manufacturer has provided android, simply copy another brand, sucking jackpot success of android and innovate in an open platform and free rather little. Nothing new, all smartphones are traced each other copies. Just to see who is bigger or stronger and software aspect, stupid own interfaces delaying all updates and performance. Nothing, absolute zero, chill.
  7. Ignorance, silence, support. Neither Google nor the manufacturers nor carriers, nobody gives you solutions , answers or voice for any of the problems that can arise. All that kind of questions, knowledge gap not covered Google, has no support in Spanish and English is very scarce, manufacturers wash their hands, operators are deaf, and nobody here knows anything, leaving the user to their fate, once sold, goodbye. From the best selling Samsung Galaxy SII until those Chinese tablets do not come or the market. As this blog receipt Managed dozens of mails every day with lost people, dead end, with problems and issues that no one has ever known or will know answer. I do not know whose fault it is or why it happens or if it happens to others, only that reality exists.
  8. Finally in this list of problems and unworthy dislikes androids first world are users, if they are guilty of believing blindly in an OS like a religion, and autoexculpar guilty of defending the indefensible, as if to safeguard Holy Grail was the purity and goodness of android above all things and blacken the landscape with only opinions based beliefs. Tell your friends you’re going to buy an iphone or an android is a conflict, whether you make a decision as another. No navel gazing, look no feet or believe that your son is the most handsome. I do not want Taliban thought that free software flag painted with the symbol of Samsung me say that this or that is better.most do not need experts or gurus who tell me that two processor cores is more than one, thanks.

I hope you understand that this is my opinion, which like assholes, no one else. That many of the things, if not all, have their other hand, the good, only the bad is reflected here. I hope that I understood and understand what it is. I adore, love and I love android and that this list does not blind anyone.

Other SO not going to talk, or their failures or successes, each hold your candle stick, each with letters in front, know decide what is best for you, fits and you like it, is to decide, to be a smart shopper and not act on impulse . Thanks for having read and have helped you in something, both to reafirmaros weigh your decision, as well as anyone who has seen the light and prefer to choose another path.

I’ve finished reading … “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

And I can say loud and clear that is one of the best books I’ve read in my life. Absolutely beautiful and great and wonderful and groovy and …
Only one doubt corrodes my soul writer: is “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “To Kill a Mockingbird pdf “? I’ve been hanging around this issue since I started the book and although I finished it months ago and (back in May) doubt still chasing me. You kill someone, but someone is not a bird. What about the killing of animals (as well as being something terrible, of course)? Does it take a preposition? Do not?? Any linguist across the screen?

Returning to the book, I must say it is a masterpiece, a marvel. It is very well written, the story well told and well spun. “Killing a? A Mockingbird” is told from the point of view of a nine year old girl (or was eight?) And I find it fascinating skill the author to tell the facts from a child’s perspective using a language as rich and such an excellent and fluent narrative. I do not know what I mean. What I mean is that something built so well that it seems difficult to be told by a little girl, but Harper gets it. ‘s book is a story in defense of racial equality and tolerance (I would book binding in college ). A book that MUST be read . Clearly I like stories where certain childlike innocence and American southern atmosphere (who was going to tell me.) It is well known that the book has a movie adaptation, the protagonist,Gregory Peck took an Oscar for her performance. I had not seen the movie, so when I finished the book, I did with her. The truth is it’s pretty faithful to the book; change some other information (such as the ages of the protagonists) and reduce / adapt some frames, but okay. Finally, I wanted to talk about the author, Harper Lee , because it seems a curious fact. With this work, his début in literature, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. That’s come and kiss the saint. What has me intrigued me is that after this book was republished anywhere else. She did not want to (or want, she’s still alive) write another novel.Will not afraid to meet expectations with his second work? Will the success of his first book and could be removed for the rest? I have not found the reason Internet, since the author is not given to interviews.Did you know? Would love input on writers develop a ” one hit wonder “, focusing on authors who only published novel was a hit but never again post anything (not that I had much better success and then advertize minor works ). Do you know any? Storytellers See you soon!