Birdman, best film in the Oscar 2015

Birdman, the great winner of the Oscar 2015 with four statuettes | The fable key of black comedy Gonzalez Inarritu on a forgotten player gets the Academy Award for Best Picture – Administrator of movie2k (one of the best site to watch movies online) reported.

Birdman, gran triunfadora de los Oscars

Birdman flies over Hollywood. The black fable key comedy Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu about an actor trying forgotten that the theater will return your prestige, tonight has been awarded with the Oscar for best film as well as take other three statuettes (director, original screenplay and photography) and erected next to the Budapest hotel (4 Oscar, but technical) as the winner of the night. Boyhood, which also started as favorite, has been the great damnificada of the night with a unique–and predictable–Oscar best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette. In the end, the meticulous work of Lincklater for 12 years has not been endorsed in the form of awards. Whiplash (3 awards), the sniper (1), The Imitation Game (1), Selma (1) and theory at all (1, best actor for Eddie Redmayne) have completed the palmares of the night.

The gala was not expected. Expected mood and large numbers of magic but the major expectactivas deposited in a showman as Neil Patrick Harris have not been rewarding. The gala will not be precisely to the memory by the brilliance of the humor of his driver, themselves winners were who took a step to the front with social demands that put the excitement and the nerve that was the ceremony.

The new Mexican cinema

A historical fact, the Hollywood Academy has awarded González Iñárritu tape with a nod to the Latin cinema as did last year granting the award of best director to his countryman, Alfonso Cuarón. In a double nod, the tape has also received award for best
“photography for the also Mexican Emmanuel Lubezki an Oscar won last year by Gravity. ” To those who live in Mexico, prayer that we can build the Government we deserve,”said the filmmaker, of 51 years on the stage of the theatre Dolby. “And those who live in this country (USA), prayer that are treated with the same dignity and respect than those who came before and built this incredible nation of immigrants,” added. Sean Penn, in charge of giving the award to Inarritu, opened the envelope and launched an outburst: “who gave this bastard (‘ are of a bitch’) residency (‘green card’) card”? “.” And for those who live in this country, those who are part of this latest generation of immigrants in this country, I hope that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect as those who came before them and built this incredible country of immigrants”, added.

Betting on a loser

Inarritu opted to give life to the quirky and manic star of Birdman, an actor who tries to regain the favor of critics and the public, producing and playing an ambitious play on Broadway, by an interpreter who saves more parallels with his character which likes to admit. Keaton became famous at the end of the 1980s at the hands of Tim Burton, which rolled Beetlejuice and Batman two deliveries but then fell into oblivion for the general public for their involvement in projects that not stacked, as the drama my lifebehind the news or my double, my wife and IReward them in this category would have crowned the film which, however, has been the great number of awards night selling next to grand hotel and Budapest. But paradoxes, the history of the male bird that has led to Iñarritu to fly on holders and make history, it has failed to return the five years 60 main protagonist of the millimeter footage actor in fake plane sequence. In the category of best performer newcomer Eddie Redmayne has imposed and, although awards are not a guarantee of anything, always like the rewards for a job well done.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, you can watch it free on putlocker.



Business process management – What is Workflow?

Workflow: workflow

What is Workflow?
How is it applied to the management and control of enterprise business processes?
How do they help you applications or systems Workflow to streamline the management of processes?
Find all the answers.

What is Workflow?

Workflow refers to the workflow to continue to achieve a task or work default. It is defined as a sequence of tasks of a business process. Its definition and control can be manual, computerised or mixed. Organizes and controls tasks, resources, and rules necessary to complete the process of business. 

New trends when it comes to regulating organizations, make the Workflow a key tool to achieve greater agility and increase the decentralization of administrative and commercial activities. 

The evolution of Workflow is to seek the maximum automation of the processes of labour and total control of the different stages, during which documents, information or tasks passed from one participant to another, according to rules or procedures previously defined. 

Over time, various software applications have been developed, many of them have evolved from management systems of imaging, document management systems, e-mail and database systems. 

Applications/systems Workflow, efficient workflows

 workflow management tools  automate the sequence of actions, activities or tasks in the implementation of the process, allow you to track each stage of it and provide the necessary tools for their control or management of the workflow. 

A Workflow System goes beyond and is characterized, mainly, by a proper integration with existing information systems: database, document management, messaging, ERP, etc., allowing the expansion of a workflow, a simple process for the integration of several interrelated business processes. 

In the market there are different types of Workflow tools, the main ones are: corporate Workflow, application Workflow, Workflow documentary and production WorkflowSome of them are limited to their area in particular and others allow communication with external applications in a way synchronous (waiting for an answer before proceeding) or asynchronous (only to leave a “message” and retrieves the response below). 

Today there are new tools and highly sophisticated systems, making further increases in the efficiency of business processes, we refer to ‘group tools’ that include key pieces of automation of administrative processes (Workflow) and document management-related. 

It is currently very important to access information quickly and effectively. As a general rule the information tends to be in different formats, depending on whether it is a document of a type or other, for example paper or a programme Word (.doc) document, or an image (.jpg,. gif.), which creates a problem of accessibility to them. The time we lose when it comes to access and retrieve information is much less using a tool Workflow integrated with other products that allow access computerized information related to the defined workflow, resulting in a significant in terms of cost reduction and increased productivity. 

Workflow systems support circuit files directly over a network of computers, using the “Workflow Engine” located on the network server, records are managed according to rules specific to facilitating the tasks of users. Documents that are scanned and stored can be recovered for analysis or management in a simple and fast thanks to the different utilities offered by the system. 

Benefits of the Workflow or workflow

According to the business processes that we implement in the company the benefits of workflows can be:

  • Saving time and improving productivity and efficiency of the company, the automation of many business processes.
  • Improvement of process control through the standardization of working methods.
  • Best care and service to the customer; an increase in the consistency of the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers.
  • Improvement in the processes; greater flexibility in accordance with business needs.
  • Optimization of the circulation of internal information with customers and suppliers.
  • Integration of business processes.

The systems of Workflow or workflow, also known as BPMS (Business Process Management Systems / business process management systems) have the aim of bringing people, processes, and machines, saving time and speeding up the realization of the work.
They also facilitate the automation of the workflows between processes, being able to integrate these in the company according to specific strategies. 

Workflow example: A workflow of a company

Let’s see how a major pharmaceutical company located in Barcelona benefits of Workflow system in their business processes. 
This company, whose main office is located in the Centre of Barcelona, has several local and two production sites in the outskirts of the city. 

Laboratory contracted out to three companies for the manufacture of certain components of its product range and two external companies for the cleaning of its premises and the security service. 

As you might expect, the laboratory has a wide variety of business and production processes, ranging from manual and simple workflows to complex and interrelated business processes. Some are only described as manual work procedures, but the vast majority are defined centrally in your engine of Workflow, automating the most execution and control. 

We will focus on a simplified example, on the basis of an order coming from a wholesaler. 

This lab enter very different type documents; mostly on paper, so the first thing you need to do the company is digitizing the information that reaches you and capture important data to store them and archive them in a format that is able to be read by other programs. In order to allow a controlled management, each location scanned documents locally, it extracts predefined information and is stored in the central database of the Workflow Engine. 

Not mean that you have to digitize all documentation of the company, both internally and externally, but it should / can be scanned only the necessary information, for their subsequent management, automation and optimization allowing a full tracking of your workflow. 

In our case, the order form is standardised, and to digitize it, can be removed automatically the necessary information, as well as the number of wholesalers, products and quantities ordered. It is sent to this wholesale merchandise on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Today is Monday. 

  1. The Workflow System see stocks in the stock. 
    Products that are in store subtracts them orders and marks them as reserved for this client.
  2. The application then sends an email to the Department of shipping of goods. This, in turn, processes shipping consulting products marked for this wholesale, automatically generates the waybill and prepares the shipment for Tuesday. Reading the barcodes of the shipped products changes the condition of the product for this client. If until Tuesday products has not been processed yet, the Workflow sends a notice to a superior stay.
  3. Workflow Engine, also check where each product is manufactured, so that it also automatically updates the planning for each production facility, and sends emails with the requested product information to each of the subcontractors.
  4. A from this moment the Workflow System consultation database the Monday and Wednesday to check if you have entered the merchandise in the store for this wholesaler and, if so, repeat steps 1 and 2. If passed a defined period has not received the merchandise in the store, the system executes the processes defined for each case. E.g. send an email of remembrance to subcontractors, and secondly to the higher court. To make this work is updated database, through the reading of barcodes for each product, when it enters the warehouse. In the case of subcontractors, it digitizes the delivery note and removed the information to update the stock.
  5. Naturally, the billing and payments of invoices also leverage the process information stored in the database of the Workflow System.
    When the amount of the sent goods exceeds a certain limit, is automatically generated a bill for a series of shipments. On the other hand, when the invoice of the outsourced company, the corresponding shipment data are automatically compared and, if there are no discrepancies, an email is sent to responsible for the approval of payments. The approval, in turn, generates sending another email to warn of pending payment.

As we have seen, the process of ordering and delivery of goods affects several internal departments and external parts of the company. It is a relatively complex and largely automated Workflow. It could be automated more if customers place orders directly from an application on the Internet. And all this, without modifying the workflow defined in the Workflow Engine. 

The laboratory should pay the two companies that has subcontracted, for cleaning of the buildings security. This leverages already defined workflow modules, streamlining, in this way, the necessary procedures and increasing the efficiency of the company. Other many processes can benefit from the implementation of the Workflow. 

Pixelware offers you a solution, based on components of Workflow, whose main advantages are focused on increasing the performance and productivity of work of your company, an increase in control of the process through the workflows of the company track and greater agility of all business processes. 

Kitchen with Glaze

It is one of the ideas that is gaining fame as coverings for the front of the kitchen. Secondary glazing for the front of the kitchen is a material that provides brightness, elegance and, above all, clean to this room of the House. It promotes the reflection of light and is the perfect backdrop to add color and life to the kitchen.

Glass for kitchen finishes

Glass gets bring modernity and distinction to the kitchen. The glass fronts are designed to create color, reflections and subtle plays of light.

The glass is presented as a heat-resistant material, ideal for covering the wall of the kitchen right on the cooking zone.

In addition, is a material for easy cleaning, so back of sink and as a front in the perimeter of the countertop becomes a perfect coat for dirt and difficult spatters.

Has another advantage, this decorative front can allow you different funds already that some installation types allow you to decorate the interior with photographs, painted, or even fabric paper.

The front design allows many possibilities. It is the perfect excuse to add color to the kitchen and make noted the tone of the rest of the furniture.

Colors vivid and striking as the previous green or an orange as the following image.

Pastel tones or more soft are also a possibility. They provide a fresh air to the room without the danger of striking spots that would be difficult to remove on a painted wall or decorative paper.

Front print does not have why be just smooth and uniform, can also imitate textures or other materials such as bricks or tiles, keeping own glass glitter.

If you want a monochromatic environment, only have to choose the color of your furniture to the front.

The space to be coated with glass also is your choice. You can cover all the free wall of furniture as in this picture…

.. .or only cover the area closest to the work area with a band, leaving free part of the wall to combine two finishes on a same front.

I don’t know you, but to me, personally, the glass fronts seem to me a great idea, practical, functional, clean and very decorative.

What is a digital agency?

agencia digitalDefinitely we are living in an era full of technological advances, where the internet is revolutionizing communication channels we use completely.
Now, advertising campaigns were carried out in a traditional way, have to adapt to this new environment and it is here where entered the work of the digital agency ThailandThis new model of digital marketing agency there is the ‘you can’t’, because it is comprised of a team of specialized work which is based on creativity with the purpose of developing a comprehensive strategy for the brand.

While traditional agencies devised a campaign that later would adapt to a version for the internet, the digital agenciestake it as a whole and bind all areas becoming applicable strategies all possible disciplines as: videos, events, viral, etc.The digital agencies can be all the advertising field, there are no limits.

agencia digital

Some classical structures and tools have been adapted to make way for a new structure. Specific staff was added to the classical system to develop efficient strategies within agencies advertising.

Can be segmented into five groups, first have the most responsible, who are directly involved with the creativity of the Agency. It is also the computer that starts up the development, analyze the brief and generate ideas that are feasible to apply in a multidisciplinary way. Keep the campaign give the visual idea of what they seek, they work from graphic design that applies across all platforms to be used until the printed part. The fourth group is formed by designers who made web models and adapt designs to virtually. Finally, we find those that analyze the brand and its competition, achieving a strategy that works and generates a strong bond between the Organization and the customer.

This new advertising tool without a doubt grows quickly in the middle. Working with an digital agency Thailand who can guide the steps of the company is essential for the realization of a strategic plan that will reach the goals. Contact Webtiliaand the team of our digital agency, you will provide the best options.

Perhaps you are interested: enhances your presence online with the feeling of brand


How much cost my leaflets really?

There are two ways to look at the cost of a leaflet. The most traditional is to simply add the cost of printing of the flyers and the cost of distributing them (in case that are engaged in volanteros). This is perhaps the most successful is the more direct but not necessarily.
The other way is to have in what has left win for not distributing prospectuses. This consider it the most appropriate because what is actually happens when not cast: brochures: cease to generate revenue which could be having.
For example a company we had calculated that sales increased approximately $5,000 in 5 days when leaflets were distributed and that sales were approximately $2,500 gain. They calculated that if not distributed leaflets had a cost of $2,500 earnings that left to that they could have entered.
They say that higher costs are invisible to the eye: income we are leaving behind win. Good thing that with leaflets this is very evident and can be measured easily. And when one knows that each day that passes loses only $500-$1,000 for not be handing out brochures… is very difficult to forget, isn’t it?.
I wish you lot sale and much prosperity!

The chairs in my living room are bluish green and cream sofa is what I put on the walls?

The teal is similar to turquoise blue but More Often Associated with water and nature.Gets ITS name from the Common Teal, a duck, Whose eyes are Surrounded by color. A living room features a cream colored That sofa and chairs can be de este Color painted in a range of colors, Depending on the mood you want to set. Here are some Living Room Paint Ideas you can implement right now.


Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color spectrum. The complementary shades Tend to bring out the best in one another When combined, bring bringing fresh life to the adage “opposites attract”. The cream is a shade of black and white is a neutral color, , Which Means That your couch combined With any color. Your Concern is, then a, to find That color is complementary to blue-green. Red is the color, orange. The combinations of complementary colors are bold and demanding attention. They are best used That in rooms are meant to be fun and creative. If that’s the look you’re after, then a network-orange can be your best choice for wall color.

Complementary half

Another option for the Color of the walls is half the complementary pair With Your blue-green chairs. As a complementary shade, Color esta Also will produce a strong, dramatic look. Half complementary color is one of the two colors are That Directly next to orange-red in the color spectrum. Red and orange are the two options. Paint the walls in one of These shades to bring the energy and excitement to a room.


If you’re looking for a quieter look, an analogous colored wall Perhaps best fits your style.Analogous colors are located Directly next to the color spectrum. Blue and green are analogous to teal and painting the walls of any of These colors, we are Introducing natural harmonious palette Because They share the blue tones in Their base.


If you want a sophisticated room Where the teal really presides with color covers the walls in a neutral tone. Any variation of white, brown or gray would act as a backdrop to the combination of cream and blue-green sofa and lets enter teal-through other accents: such as pillows and art.


Chefs entrepreneurs. 5 recipes for business success

In the field of catering, it is not surprising that the exercise of the profession of chef eventually take you to own your own business. Some of them however, have managed to go beyond having its own restaurant and have managed to build real business empires also became authentic media celebrities . Let’s look at five examples.

Gordon Ramsay

The third chef with more Michelin stars in history (12) is also a media star in the UK and US, thanks to reality shows about cooking asHell’s Kitchen (“Nightmare in the kitchen”) or Masterchef. Ramsay is the principal shareholder of conglomerate Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited. Its businesses include restaurants, hotels, TV shows, books and consulting about cooking and food. Here you have some of the phrases that inspired Chicote.

Ferran Adrià

The considered for several years as “World’s Best Chef” represents the creative and constant in the world of cooking innovation capacity.His restaurant El Bulli , who ran with his partner, Juli Soler, went from serious economic difficulties, to be in a world-class, with long waiting lists to eating there during the six months that remained open (the six were dedicated to researching new dishes). Currently, the restaurant is closed while Adrià is dedicated to the Alicia Foundation dedicated to science and gastronomy. We leave an excerpt from his lecture “Transforming together” in which he talks about creativity.

Gourmet Desserts

The media Basque chef, has, besides his restaurant in Zarautz, his own television production company, Bainet, which produces not only its television programs, but others like Decogarden or Bricomanía and even films like Mariano year or Airbag, which appears Arguiñano own doing a cameo. The group Bainet is formed by different companies in the world covering communication, plus audiovisual production, advertising, publishing or the Internet. Bainet is a shareholder of the television channel La Sexta. We leave the anthology appearance Airbag and play Russian tortilla.

Francis Mallman

This Argentine chef was one of the main representatives of the “Nouvelle Cuisine” in Latin America. He began his business career with a restaurant, but also triumphed on television for 17 years. His fame allowed him to develop Mallman brand that it sold all kinds of kitchen-related products, from dishes prepared to entire kitchens. He retired after these businesses to refocus on catering equipment hire and currently owns four restaurants in Argentina and Uruguay and is a popular twitter user . Here you can hear talking about inspiration and dreams in theDay of the Entrepreneur of Buenos Aires.

Dick and Mac McDonald

In the antipodes of “nouvelle cuisine” and Michelin stars is one of the business models related to more successful kitchen in recent decades and has become a symbol of globalization: the McDonald’s. The McDonald brothers opened their first hamburger in 1940 in San Bernardino (California). Through a partnership with the visionary Ray Kroc which visited them, intrigued because he had asked 8 machines shakes – began a rapid expansion through franchising has led them currently have more than 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries, with nearly five million workers and 58 million customers a day !. Mark Knopfler wrote the song “Boom Like That” on the history of the McDonald brothers and Kroc.

It is possible to buy the home of your dreams

One of the most attractive investments of all time has been to buy real estate. The behavior of prices of new and used housing tends to increase, that is, we all know that usually, in a few years, the property you are buying tends to be recovered, contrary to what happens with other expenses as it is to buy a vehicle that depreciates in very short time. It speaks of the existence of a housing bubble, especially in Bogota and only need to inquire about the price per square meter in most localities, to know that clearly is very expensive to buy both new and used housing. The price index of new and used housing has soared significantly over the past eight years, for major cities (Bogota, Medellin, Bali and Barranquilla), which ratifying this quarterly and annual price increase, which undoubtedly has made ​​it a good time for Bali Villa Sales rather than to buy. However, this article aims to provide some strategies that can serve you if you are interested in Buying a home now or in the future, in order to make the best decision from an economic point of view and if necessary, choose the “dream home”, either to live in it or to make an investment that will generate a regular income. Most importantly, know what you want and what you want Some people want to buy a property to live in and others to make an investment and have an annual income or watch as the initial capital investment, increases with time rather than other investment alternatives such as CDT’sy without such a high risk of investing in stocks, bonds especultativos, etc. If you are looking to buy a house or apartment to live in it, consider besides knowing what you’re looking into it, it is possible that by looking at the first choices do not find exactly what I wanted. In fact, never find the perfect option for your needs.Think you should “see the potential” that has a property and think you may find an excellent opportunity and then investing a reasonable fee, you can remodel your taste and even sell it at a higher price again. Some basic aspects to be into account are: • First: take a meter. The most common mistake committed by buyers is based on what they see and “what looks can be deceiving”. Most construction firms send develop furniture to measure, so that in the house or apartment or villa model, the spaces look bigger than they really are. Wear Metro and take steps will help you know if your furniture will be the right place and the spaces are best. • Location: prospective neighborhood or town, close to access roads, ease of transportation, whether commercial establishments, companies, noise, etc. An equally important aspect may be the closeness that will have your home to your place of study or work. Are you willing to spend several hours mired in traffic before reaching its destination? • See the stratum of the property. A house or apartment major stratum may be more attractive to be in a better area, but note that this will increase also the value of tax and public services. • Have at least one own parking. Some homes have common parking or worse, have none. No matter if you have no car. You can rent it and have a monthly income to help cover their expenses. If you ever want to sell the property, it is likely that the buyer see as a disadvantage not having parking and surely this will lower the selling price. • Find the value of the administration.Usually when there are many houses or apartments for multiple floor, the value of the administration is lower than when there are few apartments so it is important to know the cost before you choose to buy the property. It is also good to check how the security service, cleanliness and others is what is supposed to be included in the value of the administration. • Check if the property is located down the street or race. This will influence the light input to your home. Also note the floor on which it is located (in the case of an apartment). This also has an effect on light penetration. • Do not set the current look, think about how it will look your home to make adjustments. There are cases of people without necessarily having much experience in the field, bought property apparently were not in the best conditions, but once done renovations (not always with excessively high prices), transformed their home into a place with spaces redesigned, better lighting, better materials, finishes and above all, creating a pleasant space tailored of preferences. Think you can make changes and turn an “ugly duckling” into a swan. Now, there will be things that structures can not be changed, think about this too. If you are looking to buy to invest your money, you should also consider these and other aspects that will ensure you make an investment worthwhile and can provide an increase in the deposited capital. We also analyze the conditions to request mortgage loans (the deadline for payment of interest and principal, if it is more convenient to make a loan in pesos or UVR, etc.) and if in relatively short time you can make a profit for their decision to buy a property.Despite the high costs of the current housing, the existence of good choices and bad and that his interest is to invest or find a place to live, if you can find “The House of Your Dreams”. It’s just a matter of patience and choose the best option according to your preferences and budget. Acknowledgement: Mauricio Izquierdo , Architect University of La Salle. Sandra Liliana Miranda ForeroMagistra in Economics and Economics, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Professor Department of Economics and Graduate Studies Health Coordinator of Graduate Studies Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

How to spy on someone else’s phone?

Having access to information that another person handles in his cell, is something that everyone would like to do, but bordering on illegality and simply becomes calculators and suspicious persons. In many cases this is not right, and we do just for mobs and want to find the information that other handles, but in other circumstances, to know which of our environment is not rowing in the same direction that we will allow us to detect future Scammers , which undoubtedly will abuse your name and take out advantage in the cost of your sacrifice.

That is why , brings a great application called  Flexispy, something new and unique, something that has changed the world of espionage seriously, and has allowed people to determine who their environment are liars.

spy cell, pictures, videos, and calls whatsapp

With, you can do things like spy cell of another person without her noticing , having access to all kinds of material therein is handled, calls, text messages (SMS) , pictures, videos and all conversations WhatsApp .

Flexispy is a tool that makes his work alone, all you need is an internet connection, and from the same, we can download the application so that then we install, with a string of very simple steps that assures us that our intelligence will optimal.

Best of Flexispy is that it is completely undetectable by ensuring that the person they’re spying not have the foggiest idea of ​​our intentions to unmask never know how did you discover it in all its lies, never know as you detected and less, how you got access to their information.

Flexispy is an amazing tool but should be used with great responsibility and only when necessary.

“Promoting my youtube channel” “make known my youtube channel” “like being famous on you tube”

I want to know how I can make my videos be more known and as good as I can promote my channel for more people know the contents of my channel and let me know that I must improve on my channel. I know that you can buy safe youtube views but I want an honest way to promote my videos.

“Sub x Sub YouTube” “Sub4Sub”

* Answer

Well there are two ways for your videos are met:

1. That the recommend some famous (and talk about famous with over 100,000 subscribers)

. 2. That your videos are of quality

Honestly neither option is simple, celebrities usually never recommend to their fans and only promote each other … And on the other hand do competitive or video quality is not easy, has much creativity.

promote social networks works but must be constantly hitting videos and making friends, made ​​some time ago was very fashionable sub x sub … Many were made ​​of thousands of subscribers this way, finally grow within you tube of anything goes .. . Because once a German with bots … Cheers =)

I phoned a psychic

Cold reading is a technique used by diviners to convince their clients that obtain information from them by supernatural means. The technique is so versatile that can fool even by phone, as illustrated eloquently this article Reginald V. Finley.

On the morning of Sunday 15 August, I was watching the classifieds section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. As I was looking for a new job, I noticed a notice recruiting psychics, counseling section. I could not believe it. “Advise … I can do that!” I thought to myself.I called the number posted and spoke to a gentleman who told me how to meet him at the Shoney’s restaurant, northwest side of town (Cobb Pkwy, Marietta, GA). When I arrived, the conference room at the back of the room was full of people eager to learn the peculiarities of the “psychic”. I apologized for being late and said jokingly that if psychic would have found the site. Everyone smiled. The leader of the meeting was a warm and friendly Caucasian woman, about 30 years. He began to explain the number of hours required, paperwork, commission structure, the tricks of the trade and so on.

The concept seemed simple: the longer you keep the listener on the line, the more you get paid. So, if you receive calls you can consistently make a fortune. A computer program calculates averages of each employee and distributes calls according to these averages.

I decided to try. They installed a line ring master in my house and within two days the calls started. I went back to see the incredible level of naivete and ignorance of these people. You got calls from people ranging from the curious to the suicidal, from the depressed until the wicked, from the young to the old. Nobody seemed immune.Over 75% of callers were women and 50% of them had more than 55 years. Worse, an alarming 95% of callers hinted believe in a god and others openly claimed. My first thought was “so why is calling me? The Bible explicitly prohibits this behavior.” Similarly, over 95% of callers truly believed that I was a psychic. Some even claimed that God had given me this ability as a gift and you should use it often.

The truth is that callers gave me plenty of information about them. Even without speaking gave me subtle clues that any observant person would capture: breathing, background noise, pauses, interjections, tone of voice; all these factors play a role. Guessed easy if someone had children, he was married, dying, or diseased. Even guessed the sex of their children. (Hey! Ultimately only get one chance to hit 50%, so … What could I lose?) However, here too it took special powers. Everything was done using reason, the probability and luck.

Was it pure coincidence that I guessed that a man was dating a woman whose name began with an “M”? No way.He told me. Part of his psychic reading was this:

Not sure why, but I see someone in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
Really! … What do you see?

I see someone whose name begins with “M” in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
Wow! (Track # 1) Hey … how you got that?

(Using the track # 1 to suppress doubts) I do not know, I’m sure (now I’m) someone whose name starts with an “M” will be an important factor in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
That is amazing! I’m dating a woman named Martha.

At this point, I could say anything, true or false. No matter what you say at this point because … Hey, I’m a psychic! … I made a good guess Perhaps only? Damn! Of course! but it was a very ambiguous. He could apply the letter “M” to any easy thing. It helped me to discover the meaning of the letter “M”. And although the “M” did not belong or his past or his present, I could have easily transferred to your future. Either way I win. I am a psychic, remember?

Another reading was this:

Very deceived:
My boyfriend and I will be together? (Obviously there is a problem if you are asking this)-Psíquico:
I feel troubled waters below. I hear discussions … (pause)Very deceived:
Well, yeah (surprised) we have been arguing a lot lately. (No !!! … seriously .¡¡¿En? !!)-Psíquico:
I see some kids here.

Very deceived:
Yes, we have a daughter (I discovered later that her boyfriend has a son who visits occasionally. This gave me more credibility).

I feel some infidelity here … (long pause)

Very deceived:
(Smiling) Really? … (Another pause)(shaking) Mmmmm …

A long pause generally denotes personal reflection. It was obvious he was trying to decide whether or not I knew she was unfaithful. Had he been free of guilt, he would have responded quickly with something like: “Who me you’re kidding?” Or maybe “I know her?” But he did not, so I saw the gap and went for it.-Psíquico:
(Concerned) You’ve been cheating does not it?Very deceived:
Oh my goodness! How did that?I was sorely tempted to say: “I did not know, idiot !! … You yourself just said to me !!”

Needless to say, then I was convinced. He was with me on the phone for a full hour. You see, to $ 4.99 a minute for 60 minutes is … Well, you do count. Eventually, I began to feel horrible for perpetrating a fraud so obvious, especially since mysticism goes against everything I believe. So as a result, I resigned. I regret not telling these people after the reading, it was all california psychics review tricks and games. Money silenced me. Now I’m happy to tell this story and oppose the mysticism.

How to become a professional SEO?

However, industry positioning exists a great chasm between an SEO “expert” professional and a mediocre one; because, if someone mastered all the theory, is not everything for a professional self proclaimed SEO.

The Basics

We could start considering that any SEO consultants now consolidated within the industry, usually started with Web design, working with certain graphics and learning of certain codes.

This task may involve some theoretical knowledge, perhaps obtained through courses or books related to the subject. The motto “no one is born learned” is faithfully applied in this case. Personally, I started updating my websites through the “Front Page” tool, taking notes of who was the webmaster of the company he worked for.

Nothing special, but getting mentally understand the internal and external dynamics of how “built” a website. Later, more advanced programs like Dreamweaver , I was forced to keep learning more about it.

The challenge

After this outside (makeup), the test for any SEO focuses on attracting visitors to the sites, which is the big challenge. At this point, it is important to consider other aspects of theoretical nature such as books, courses, lectures and others. However, “said than done, is a long way”.

It becomes a challenge because some (if not many) of the theories learned, they will never be 100% effective in practice; especially in industry positioning, where there are no “magic formula” to do things.

That is, a professional SEO may develop in any field but in each of these challenges must be increasing curiosity and in some cases, specialization. There are a number of prerequisites that must take into account, have been discussed three main requirements that are related to writing, analysis and personal characteristics.

Writing Skills

Because users do not always look for images or videos, search engines continue to focus on site content.

Therefore, a professional SEO must have great ideas and good spelling, toward optimizing this site with relevant content. It’s not about being a great writer, but rather of “play” with key words or phrases (both inside and outside the site).

Analysis of the Web

This analysis focuses on the behavior of users. That is, one must constantly review SEO traffic and tabular statistics in order to maintain a site optimized according to the topics relevant to their users. Plus additional useful tools for control of the site such as Google Webmaster Tools .

Personal characteristics

Something much more important than knowledge, is the way this is implemented. That is;same theory can be applied in different ways over time.

Therefore, the mind an SEO must be updated on topics such as Internet marketing, new technologies, emerging trends and of course, keep up on all matters involving search engine rankings. In other words, the appetite for knowledge for a professional SEO must be insatiable.

Other aspects to take into account

Subscriptions and Search Engine Watch , Search Engine Land , WebProNews , Webmaster World (all in English), and Web portals as Teachers are more than a help, an obligation.

On the other hand, a hallmark of a SEO should be the ability to work in teams, because he is the link between the client and the developer and he responsibility for the ideas and purposes of the customer will be reflected in falls the project.

Therefore, once the decision to become a professional SEO, first should cover aspects such as: get – and how to use – basic programs of Web pages, learn about HTTP commands and subscribe to pages that provide information relevant to the search engines.

Become a “professional SEO” will not be achieved in the “overnight” … and although scopes, do not forget retroalimentarte constantly.

I am someone who works answering paid surveys

I’m someone who works answering paid surveys . I’ve been doing quite a while and I’m making money. For people who have been saying that the business does not work, I think they are doing something wrong. It may be that either are not completing their profile and for that reason do not send them offers paid surveys. In the web to make money with surveys is all the information to get started. Click the banner above to visit.

Below I will explain my story of how I started in this pinecone research from home. Before you start to answer fully paid surveys, I kept looking at Google listed free online surveys, polls without paying money, etc. I found some others, I recorded, lost much time answering surveys for money, then waited anxiously to send me my checks, and only received one $ 5 dollars. They never sent me anything more. Segui searching in Google: list of paid surveys free, I came out the same companies that had made ​​me waste my time and never paid me. Well it was time I get tired of so much waste time, also need urgent money because I had run out employment. Then I thought I had to do something and fast. I thought of comparing the list of companies that pay for surveys, but as I read in many places that could find listings without pay, for this reason the had not wanted to buy before. But now he could not wait any longer had to start generating income quickly. As I had no money to invest, I had to get the $ 34.95 to buy the lists where all the companies that pay for paid surveys. I thought if I dare not, I’ll never know if the listed work or not. Was also so poor that did not have much to lose. Then buy the lists where many companies that if they pay for answering surveys paid out. Suspiciously, but buy them. Let me tell you it was the best decision I could have Toado in my life. I registered in all the companies that appear in the lists, I did everything that was told me that I should do, leaving no detail out and happily now thanks to that earn money with surveys. I am very grateful to the corporations that give me a chance to generate income with this labor supply.


I always understood that a good meal is a good way to be provided and the serving, bartending does not belittle the contrary, awakens a sense of joy great. Perhaps this I learned from my father, who was the person who taught me to work hard in life, (had up to three jobs at a time to give us the needed education and food); between one of his works and loves, was the kitchen scale and passion for entertaining …

And in my family house was a little picture with a poem by Rabindranath Tagore Bengali, which remained engraved fire me.

“I slept and dreamed
that life was joy.

I awoke and saw
that life was service.

I served, and saw
that service was joy. “

So good, without being chef or experienced cook, I want to share with you my experiences in the kitchen and leave an open space for them to leave me your recommendations and comments because, as I say, “there are people who paints pictures to relax, pinto dishes and share them. “


Because a wedding is not a wedding without flowers, demonstrates good taste you have by choosing the best combination of flowers and a harmonious and creative palette. All flowers are beautiful so feel with all the freedom to acclimate to your style and personality, but before taking some of my tips to create the best floral stage.


Leila Scarfiotti

1 BUDGET-First of all defines a budget, contact your florist make a list of the flowers you want and divide by 2, aside “must” and another which could possibly afford.

Low Season 2 Roses are the favorite flower at weddings, it is classic, yet timeless and symbolic. If you choose this flower, select a remote date of February 14 and May 10 at this time because they are so listed, can scarce and raise its price.

3rd SIN limits-if what your looking for your date is having countless flowers, ideally choose seasonal flowers for your day and rent a room outdoors where they can look better in their natural environment and gain vitality in green stage.



4th For a more abundant foliage-effect placed among much foliage flowers, accenting with more than 3 colors. I recommend Irish bell, mini lettuce, delphiniums, gyphsophilias (Baby Breath), lilies, hydrangeas and lilies of the valley.


Rachel Solomon – Tracey Hosey

5ºAROMATIZA YOUR wedding- If you marry in an inner select the most fragrant flowers like jasmine, hyacinths, gardenias, sweet peas, freesias, eucalyptus, peonies and lilies.

6th classicism- For a classic style choice need two things: at least three species of flowers and are the most classic, remember that the color palette is your choice and there are thousands of combinations to be done. This classic selection is ideal for picnics elegant weddings, outdoor and vintage air:



Joyelle West



Julie Mikos – Asphodel



Carmen Salazar – Katie Florina



Getty and Pinterest



Petal Gem – Jamie Lee



Jonas Peterson – Jane Allen



Loreta – Create and celebrate



Angela Higgins – Julie Napear

For providers of flowers for your wedding dale click the following link: Flowers Delivered Shrewsbury.

Health problems can cause you prolonged computer use

I know many of you, especially those who do not use the PC as long as we who work in it, have no idea that prolonged use of it can cause problems, sometimes serious, health.

Those who are dedicated to this we have clear, using a computer for long periods without taking the necessary measures can make us very badly.

Therefore, for prevention and “scare” a little to make them aware armo this post, with some of the health problems that may result in misuse of the PC. I say “misuse” because knowing how to prevent some things we avoid future problems. I recommend reading the post from head to toe, and if they internalize more, look at Google, as I do not want to make such a long and boring post.

home office

Vision problems

It is known that when we are focused either reading or performing a task that requires attention, the eye tends to blink less, which is a problem in the use of PC, since we are at all times “paying attention” and the brain “forgets” to blink the eye , with the consequent lack of lubrication in them. This can cause burning eyes, but be quiet with easy solution, or a PC while away, trying to blink more, or buy drops of eye drops (are counter at any pharmacy).

Spine problems

The column is one of the most affected when we do not use a proper chair, although they are totally ergonomic have a high cost, we have to look for cheaper alternatives and that we avoid the cervical and lumbar problems . Similarly, much of the problems are not due only to the chair, we put our hand to sit incorrectly (indeed, I myself do).

You can see a very clear image with tips to properly sit at a computer in this post. Sitting down and that avoids many of the health problems, headaches, back, and other conditions.

Problems in the arm and hand

There is something that has been called “Elbow pads” (and not to tell the stingy (?)) is something like what happens to players with “tennis elbow” but adapted to our environment.Mouse elbow occurs when the mouse handle supporting elbow and wrist NO, use the “mouse in the air” is one of the worst things you can do.

On the other hand we have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , which is very painful at worst, is solved with surgery . This condition is given by the pressure of one of the nerves in the wrist , not only in people who use a lot of PC, but being using the mouse all day the chances of it suffer greatly increased. It is produced by the position of the hand that is all day resting on the mouse. Ceci interesantítimo published a video with exercises to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome .

In short

And last, but most important of all, if you feel any discomfort or health problem, whether a sore arm, tingling in the fingers, or whatever … go to the doctor! , an ophthalmologist, orthopedist,, or simply the clinician who will tell you what to do. Please note thatif you grab one of these problems early will prevent serious problems later.

If they thought that I wanted to scare, yes, I did it on purpose so that those who are doing the wrong thing let not be, and those who knew nothing of the matter investigated and avoid problems.

Habits that have improved my life.

A few days ago, my husband and I meet five years together. And that made me think how our life has changed since then. Many things have happened in these five years we have moved to cities, have traveled to different countries and start our own business. But perhaps the most profound change has occurred in our lifestyle. I realize that just five years ago had no real awareness of my health or the responsibility we have as consumers.

From that time to today, I have changed, acquired and modified habits and these are some who feel they have really positively impacted my life:

1. Sleep early

I considered myself a night person and generally feel more energetic during the evenings. Before I fell asleep between 1:00 and 2:00 am daily. The problem is that whenever I had to get up early for work or school, and this triggered a vicious circle in which I got up tired and bad, I felt sleepy all day and had just surrendered.

Now that I fall asleep early (10:30 to 11:00 pm) I felt a change. I wake up not tired in the morning because I sleep of 7-8 hours I need. Therefore, it costs me so much work to get up and I feel much more energy throughout the day.

2. Getting up early

I consider it a new habit because although all my life I woke up between 5:00 and 6:00 am, I now choose to do so, although I could get up much later.

Since I get up early, I feel that pays me more day. I love feeling that at 9:00 am and had breakfast, I exercise, I bathed and I’m at my desk working.

And I love those first hours me dedicate to me. I meditate, I exercise, I take a bath with calm and take my cup of green tea while enjoying both check my blog. It’s like starting a meal for dessert. I consent before heading out to meet commitments with others. This puts me in a good mood and I was full of energy.

Another point is the stillness of the morning: no noise from the TV, no cars, no cries of children. The morning hours are peaceful and relaxing. What difference start the day with calm hurry.

There are still days that I can hardly eye open 5:45 am the alarm sounds, but it is a commitment to myself because I know that the days I do not get up early and I have less battery does not reach the same time.

3. Cooking

I used to think I had no time to cook still a profesionista busy. But today I realized that it does not say “no time”, you can always make time for the things that really matter.

The benefit of cooking is that you have control over what you eat. I now choose the quality and cost of ingredients, preparation, amount and I can plan meals according to a budget, my tastes and make sure I’m eating healthily. Not only that, I’ve saved enough to avoid eating out.

For more than a year ago my husband and I planned and cook five meals. The first big change was that my husband lost weight unintentionally, but by simply eating homemade food with less fat, salt, sugar and flour. I use a lot of garlic in my cooking because my husband and I love its tastes and we know many benefits of garlic.

I have learned many ways to speed up the cooking process (because it’s not like me over time), to plan ahead, learn where and how much to buy.

Cooking food have valued more.

4. Meditate

In the unhinged the OM had commented that meditation has been a great discovery for me as I consider stress management as my Achilles heel to get welfare. Eating healthy and exercising does not cost me much work as stop worrying, being a perfectionist and ride the anxiety.

Meditation has helped me eliminate insomnia I suffered for many years because it helps to quiet the mind. Meditation teaches you to just be. Also, I attribute to meditation the disappearance of some awful migraines that plagued me since I was in primary school because of stress.

I connected more with myself, I have learned to listen better and perceive sounds, smells and sensations that go unnoticed in everyday life. Meditation has brought me to the beauty.

5. Take control of money

Sounds incredible but until this year I started keeping track of money. First, I started recording my expenses. I almost go back. From there I could make a budget and analyze how you can save. For anything I am master of personal finance, but the first step toward consciousness is given.

Begin to understand about money, it has given me a greater sense of control over my life, to plan ahead and live lighter.

The second part of this list in an upcoming post.

What habits have positively changed your life?

I have a new job mate

I have a new job mate at Metso. Here’s how I dealt with him.

This could be the best advice you could give from these page, but not always easy to accept the new and he accepts us. For many workers, a new partner is a rival. He may come to fill gaps that exist in the work of everyone, but no one is brave enough to recognize his. They may simply come to perform tasks that previously were not made, but always encounter another who feels that he could have done its job.

It may also be the situation that the new office comes to replacing an old friend. If he liked the rest and gone after a painful dismissal, former colleagues treated badly the new although it is evident that he is not to blame. If the old is gone willingly simply ignored him.

It is essential that the veterans office will remember when they were rookies. We were all new someday.Sure at some point in their working life has felt anxious because I could not be located within a team.Understand that now for something that feels and that you can help overcome these bad times. If after all these tips, you still can not admit a newcomer partner, analyze their motives and find many others to overcome this situation.

- The best way to integrate and be integrated from the beginning is to accept the situation. Help you be within the office, explain the software regularly used or present to the rest of the companions, are small gestures that will help you feel part of the group.

- If you are someone who drinks coffee or eat with their peers, try to incorporate these moments of leisure. Is when friends / companions do so will prevent the new one feels excluded from the beginning.It is a sacrifice that will not cost much to do, it will help you discover the best side of him and he will know him that.

- Avoid referring to as a working companion whom he replaces. Comparisons are odious and more in this type of situation. The newcomer is not the fault of dismissal or the previous one has gone back door.

- sure at some point has heard that about: Why have hired again? Does not question the merits that the newcomer has. He knows neither how they work and their curriculum or what led you to your company.Anything you say is pure speculation and damage the credibility of the new, without any reasons for this.

- you will not be heavy. The new needs time to feel part of the team, to recognize the office as yours and not want mobbed him. You do it with good intentions, but he may feel overwhelmed with such courtesy.

- Do you comments from fellow before him. Let out who is who in the office and how each person is is for. A new must not poison them with old grudges or group must bring them against peers. Let him be the judge of.

- Note that you do not go to the office to make friends. Neither rankle others. I only have to be cordial and polite with peers, including the new, to make things work fairly well.

What are the effects of Kamagra

I would like to tell through this article what are the effects of Kamagra I have observed throughout my personal experience. Although I feel a jovial and very active staff, I’ve noticed, over the years, and decreased the duration of my erections and the quality of them, feeling that sometimes it was hard to fully satisfy my partner, I decided to go to a doctor and explain my situation. Before going to the appointment, I sought all possible information to better understand the explanations that I could then give my doctor about what the effects of Kamagra.

I told him my problem of decreased erection and was inclined to be a little high blood pressure and sometimes I had gone cholesterol, so I had all the necessary information about my illness and I indicate possibilities that had to take Ist Kamagra rezeptfrei? After studying the case, he told me very clearly that the treatment could start taking 25 mg of the drug and to carefully observe the reactions of my body for two months to see if it was enough dose or have to increase a little. Quiet said, I control what the effects of Kamagra.

I carefully explained how a large multinational had conducted a comprehensive study in the United States and several European countries on what the effects of Kamagra not only in erectile dysfunction that is their main source of patients, but they had discovered the effectiveness of this drug for certain cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes or hypercholesterolemia, technical word for high cholesterol. Treatment consisted of a daily dose of sildenafil and observe the results.

A few days after taking the pill, I noticed my erections had like stiffness necessary to achieve adequate penetration and saw, with great satisfaction, and increased the duration of them allowing me to enjoy and do enjoy longer my partner. Although for me, the solution of this problem would have been worth starting treatment, I also confirm that, after appropriate blood tests, my doctor informed me that my cholesterol levels were correct and did not suffer alterations of stress high as sometimes happened to me and my blood pressure had stabilized at normal levels for my age. For these reasons, to know what the effects of Kamagra, today I share with you this wonderful experience that has really helped me to calm my anxieties and worries regarding the decline of my erections and also in the general state of my health, because I was aware that high cholesterol levels can cause stress and, eventually, serious heart problems, thrombosis and serious ailments that we should all avoid.

Hopefully these sincere words can help many people to know is exactly what the effects of Kamarga and not left influenced only by the amount of naysayers and meapilas who want to demonize and abuse everything that can be beneficial for the pleasure and enjoyment of sexuality.

STAINLESS STEEL – Why I use it for my home


It had been discovered well before the turn of the century it is possible to remedy the corrosion of steel by the addition of nickel and chromium. However, steels enriched with these elements still inadequate. A significant change took place in Germany in 1912 for the first time and thanks to the combination of nickel and chromium combined with heat treatment measured precisely, it was possible to obtain optimum corrosion resistance together with good mechanical properties.

The designations created at the time: V Versuch (“test” in German) and A to austenite, V2A and V4A are still synonymous with stainless steel. The two leading German manufacturers have introduced brand names Niro and Remanid to describe this class of products. The designation 18/10 or 18/8 is used at the international level, and indicates the proportion in the alloy and chromium-nickel stainless steel. When specialists must accurately differentiate the various kinds of stainless steel, so they employ normative DIN numbers, eg 1.4301.

The 1.4301 is an alloy steel Cr-Ni 18/10 austenitic acid-resistant, thanks to its reduced with hydrogen very good anti-corrosion properties content. It is approved for temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, it is essential to use the stabilized titanium steel number 1.4541. The steel is resistant to water, steam, humidity, and the food acid, and the weak organic and inorganic acids, and is highly versatile in its possible utilization: food industry, production . beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, construction of equipment for chemistry and medicine The advantages of stainless steel are:

  • corrosion-resistant
  • resistant to temperature variations
  • antistatic
  • solderable
  • hygienic
  • maintenance free
  • long lasting

Stainless steel owes its corrosion properties to a single chemical reaction created by the contact of the chromium component of the stainless steel trash can with the oxygen of the air or water, a thin passive layer forms surface. She spreads all corrosive substances. If ever it is damaged by some external effects, it is reformed in a few microseconds at the surface of the steel. The corrosion resistance is due primarily to the component of chromium. This quality can be improved by the addition of nickel and molybdenum and other alloying elements. There are therefore a plurality of kinds of stainless steel, each particularly adapted according to the properties of the alloy to a specific area of ​​use.

In addition, the corrosion resistance is also dependent on the surface qualities, that the more it is smooth and homogeneous, the resistance increases more. Penetration and deposition of particles of rust and dust can cause localized corrosion, which can develop very quickly.

a) Corrosion intercrystalline
corrosion occurs when this chromium carbides critically emerge on the outline of the grains. The environment loses chromium, which reduces the effect of passivation. The materials 1.4541, 1.4571 and 1.4435 are considered resistant to intercrystalline corrosion. b) Pitting corrosion in the case of this corrosion, the passive layer is broken at some points. The consequence is that the holes or pits are formed on the surface. Pitting corrosion is caused mainly by halogen ions, especially chlorine ions. It may be enhanced primarily by water and the waste water, often associated with the presence of chloride ions and chloride. c) Corrosion galvanic corrosion This is very common and is created when different metal materials come potential contacting in the presence of an electrolyte. In this case, the less noble metal is attacked by the electrolyte and dissolves. The extent of corrosion is proportional to the amount of electricity flowing through the galvanic element. This type of corrosion is very common. One of the best known examples of such corrosion is the binding of steel and stainless steel flanges. This type of corrosion also occurs in the case of cast iron flanges screwed with stainless steel screws.



d) Crevice corrosion
This corrosion occurs when the passive layer of stainless steel is destroyed, for example by the presence of corrosive materials combined with a lack of oxygen. Therefore, this type of corrosion is common in narrow and small cavities slots, e.g. in joints, in the nut head. An example to be mentioned here is that of the gas cap in the fermentation tanks, inside which there is a product in the form of fermentation gases, but in which the oxygen is completely lacking. Particular attention is needed to avoid the formation of such corrosion. Cleaning and Maintenance For the removal of fingerprints, a solution of dishwashing detergent is usually sufficient. Some manufacturers of cleaning products offer special products that have a cleaning effect with the addition of a component maintenance. For stubborn stains, you can use milk cleanser common type, which also fights limescale and discolorations. After cleaning, the surface is rinsed with clean water. The solvents and alcohol-based cleaners are suitable in the case of oil and grease stains, for example alcohol or acetone. He should be careful that dirt does not spread over the entire surface. Against paint stains, there are special alkaline cleaners or solvent based. In any case, you should not use products containing chloride or hydrochloric acid, bleach or products for cleaning silver.

I want to sell my house How I can know how much worth?

Sell ​​a property always carries a lot of difficult tasks, but certainly one of the most complex for people who are not well informed can put a price on the property.

To assess one house there are many angles to consider. First is the location, square meters of land, constructed, materials, age of housing, etc.

Oscar Carles, Associate RE / MAX Urbe agent says it is advisable to always go to expert for the appraisal of property . “Unconsciously we give a sentimental value to the property, the neighbor sold 50 million a year ago and as my house is my best value is 80 million.”

Professionally, there are several alternatives to assess the property . The first and simplest is to calculate an approximate based on sales of similar homes nearby conditions. Still, it is important to seek the opinion of an expert, as a minimum difference between two propertiescan vary greatly in value.

“If those who intend to Sell Property Fast London has no idea of this average value of its real estate, would have to hire the services of a professional or a company dedicated to tax property, based on the criteria to give value to a good root “, explains Juan Carlos Cardenas, Chief Area Questions assessors  LegalChile .

To make this work there are specialized professionals such as architects and builders, brokers also properties , banks and the Internal Revenue Service.

Cardenas said “the tax valuation determined by the Internal Revenue Service, which is usually lower than the market value of the property, not used regularly to assess the value of a home at the time of agreeing the sale price ” .

In case of inheritance, when there is a “community”, ie, several people own a property , “when one or more villagers seek judicial partition, at the time of the sale, the community may designate, by mutual agreement, a expert, usually an architect or qualified builder, that, upon inspection of the property, recommending a sale price. In this case the cost of the appraisal shall be for the fees (payment) the request for expert work and are variable, “says Cardenas LegalChile attorney.

Finally, when by means of a mortgage, it is the bank that will pay the appraised property . ”

In the case of  purchases financed with a mortgage, property appraisal for purposes of determining the amount of mutual and insurability of the property, which made ​​experts appointed by the same bank, and the cost of this valuation is charged to operational costs of credit, whose value varies according to whether the bank involved, “  says the lawyer.

The same applies to the insurance companies and the valuation for purposes of granting an equity coverage in case of earthquake or fire in a building.


How I create my first online advertising campaign

Internet is not the solution of your problems to sell more. It is not easy to sell online because it requires a learning time. In this new series of 20 posts I present a detailed guide for everyone who wants to launch its first online advertising campaign in 2012.

In 2012 and there are no excuses to not advertise on the Internet . The first step is done if you’ve made ​​the decision to create an advertising campaign on the Internet this year. The beginnings are difficult and committed many errors when starting with online marketing .Some issues of concern to a beginner of digital marketing are:

New section on this blog : Internet advertising courses .


  • ¿Advertise with advertising in the search engines with banners?
  • Criteria for choosing an agency and online advertising company
  • Key factors for designing banners and landing pages
  • Choosing the right payment model of payment for a campaign (CPC, CPM, CPA)
  • The importance of branding for online sales

There are many factors to take into account that not all fit into one post. Therefore I have prepared the series “How to create my first online advertising campaign” for a detailed guide to the most important steps. The following of those who already have some posts published issues were addressed.

Before you begin

1 Basic terms of Internet advertising campaigns from A to Z (coming soon)

. 2 Prices and rates Internet advertising 2012 – how much is really making an online ad campaign?

Three. The major players in online advertising ecosystem in Spain

April. serves do you do if you sell online branding

. 5 Why online advertising campaigns fail

Ads on the search engines with advertising banners

. 6 Does Google bets on the display through changes to its search engine?

7. 7 Las keys to create branding campaigns with impact

8. Advertisement search engine or banners – when to choose text or image ads online to increase ROI

Planning an advertising campaign on the Internet

. 9 10 simple steps to jump into the world of online marketing

In October. advertising campaigns on the Internet – when choosing CPC, CPM or CPA?

11. Designing a banner without Photoshop in 5 minutes

12. The 5 Keys to design a banner that gets attention user

13 How to design a landing page that converts (coming soon)

14. Why work with an online marketing agency and how not to fall into the hands of pirates

15. 10 points to know if you hire online advertising services!

16. 10 reasons to make online video advertising

Optimize online advertising campaign

17. Why you fail and what you can do to increase sales of your online campaigns

18 The top 5 posts to optimize your Google Adwords campaign (coming soon)

19. How to Increase CTR on a display campaign

20. , how to get leads and sales with a banner campaign to CPM

I hope this series of 20 articles will serve to successfully launch your first online ad campaign. Make sure you do not miss a post of this series and subscribe to this blog …;)

If this topic interests involved in the online advertising course for beginners in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia taught by the founders of Coguan in early October. The first 10 seats are discounted by 50%. Reserve your place here .;)

I change my address, how?

Your move is planned and held in the coming days? This is the time to think aboutdeclaring your change of address . Very theoretical way, you have to change your address with all jurisdictions that have your current address. We do for you tour the government why it is important to report his change of address as soon as possible.


Your new address should be given to all persons who have to contact you by mail. In practice, it is mandatory to report his change of address with only some jurisdictions:

  • Your Family Allowance Fund (CAF)
  • CPAM (see the article on the change of address for the CPAM )
  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The Office of National Service (for the change of address on the registration certificate ).
Also remember to tell your new town hall so that you be added to its electoral lists to vote.
Not yet found a mover?
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Other agencies should be notified of your change of address. Notify eg your  energy supplier of your move: it is recommended to do at least 15 days in advance in order to establish with them appointment for meter readings.

It is also important to notify your phone company . Take the at least one month in advance if you want a transfer line, so that it is delivered on time and that you do not have to cut.

You can also tell your  insurer to change your home insurance policies and your auto insurance contracts.

Finally, do not forget to report your change of address usps to your bank.  This change is harmless if your bank is a national bank, but if it is a regional bank, you may need to get a new account number and should then contact your new RIB administrations that use it.


Address change public serviceThe various changes of address may be made ​​by mailor on-site internet jurisdictions that have one.However, a website allows today to facilitate the steps in the gathering . The site my utility allows creating a single account to perform a change of address with the authorities and enabled services.

It is thus possible to make a change of address with the Tax Office, the CPAM, the Office of National Service, CAF, EDF, and many insurance companies and pension funds, all in one time !

How I clean my office easily

It is this longing and this trouble does not allow us to focus on cleaning office as it should and therefore the waste is accumulated bit by creating a pure, confusing and even polluted environment in which obviously is not pleasant work. How to clean an office? Often there is a cleaning service that gives us the ability to remove ourselves from this task is not that complicated, but demand may not want to invest time. But if you’re one of those who must clean his office to finish working, it is best that you do it with a good attitude and understanding the benefits this brings likewise because it is the only way you can make an effective task and quickest way. Here we will describe the process of cleaning a stepper office, giving you some tips so you can do more easily. The first thing to do is clean the desk where we work. If the roles were discard in the trash, if breakfast or lunch spots left must remove and remove all of the things you no longer use it. The notes that are no longer useful for tomorrow, go straight to the trash. Use a feather duster or soft dry cloth to remove the dust from desks and other furniture. Once a week at least, you should take a clean swab and remove all dust from the ceiling and walls. No need to do it every day but if weekly to avoid buildup in quantity.  cleaning computer should be done with special products. away all stains that may be on the screen and keyboard tracks. If you use a small torch powder. With a vacuum cleaner and seat sofas office , you can also clean by tapping gently but the first option is more effective. This also helps you to continue the office cleaning Brisbane vacuuming carpets and the rest of the floor . If you have an integrated office suite, clean their toilets and removed all trash basket for basket in the public place in the garbage that has accumulated in the basket in the office. Before leaving, clean the glass of the window with a little wet newsprint morning to enjoy an excellent view to the outside. Close windows and freshens the air with a scent that you like.   Done! Now if your office has been completely clean and tidy. You see it is not a task that requires much effort, just some time and order to follow the steps and leave a clean and fragrant environment to return tomorrow.

How I Use QuickBooks for journal entries

Intuit people had a goal in mind when they created QuickBooks: Make it easy for Accounting and Bookkeeping Manly to keep track of your financial health. They have simplified the process so that the creation of journal entries has become a relatively simple process. Here are some tips on how to create and edit journal entries. Instructions 

enter data in various forms in QuickBooks such as invoices, bills and checks. A journal entry should be created automatically “between racks.” This greatly simplifies the process and eliminates the tedious task of re-entering information multiple times.

Save the transaction and select “Reports> Transactions” drop-down menu or click the Journal icon in the latest versions of the program. You can also see “General Journal” or “GENJRNL” in the log after creating the entry.

Check if the entry has been saved successfully. If not, go back to the way in which the data were entered and change it. Then recheck the seat by accessing it through the process described above.

close the fiscal year for doing absolutely nothing. Quickbooks parramatta automatically closes the year and begins a new series of posts to be automatically transferred to net income in retained earnings. Unfortunately, you can not see this journal entry.

Try not edit journal entries. Instead of going back to the original forms and edit them. Editing journal entries could lead to errors in the reporting process.

I’m reading Chronicles of the Underworld – Part 2: City of Fire


Author Cassandra Clare

  • Dutch
  • 496 pagina’s
  • Dutch Media Publishers
  • May 2012
  • EPUB with digital watermark

Alle productspecificaties

The second part in the series Chronicles of the Underworld.wish her ​​life was like before again. Clary Fray But what’s normal when you’re a Shadow Hunter and your creatures like werewolves, fairies and vampires can suddenly see? Clary would love to spend more time with her ​​best friend, Simon, but the Shadow Hunters do not want to let her go. Especially her handsome, but not annoying brother Jace. Clary’s only chance to find her missing mother is derailed and malicious Shadow Hunter Valentine get to pack …


This is the thrilling second book in the fantasy series ‘Chronicles of the underworld’ *, which is filmed. In the previous book city of heavenly fire pdf Clary (16) found out that she is a shadow hunter, a man with special powers who fights against demons. She fell in love with Jace, a handsome shadow hunter who turned out to be her brother.Clary is torn between the world of the shadow hunters, her feelings for Jace, and her feelings for her best friend Simon.Meanwhile, Clary’s mother is still in a coma and magic are gruesome killings of Benedelingen. Is Valentine’s Day, her evil father behind the murders? If so, what he wants to achieve? Clary realizes that she can not deny her identity as a shadow hunter, and that they should go to help her mother. Behind Valentine In this second book, the relationships between the characters are complex and the voltage is further increased. Author Clare succeeds (again) to process in an incredibly exciting and sexy story that many young readers will delight! Elements from fairy tales and mythology From about 15 years. Veerle Willaert

Earn money making videos

For many years, hundreds of entrepreneurs looking online for a way to make money from the comfort of their homes, but there are few who succeed, mainly because they do not realize that to get good income need to do what they really like For example if you like the idea of making videos, is your hobby or study something similar and want to succeed online then I recommend you continue reading this post.

How can I make money doing videos?

Well, the idea itself is very simple, all you have to do is record some fact or some humorous personal experience and upload it to YouTube, your video when you began receiving visits then make money, thanks to the adsense advertising system , as simple as So it seems impossible right? but it is not clear and more videos more chances to win money so the more you can win more films.

As important fact I want to tell people who typically earn more money are those that teach something in their YouTube channels, for example you can create video tutorials using a PPT (Power point) and gravándola with your voice using the MovieMaker Windows You can reach sound complicated but it really is not, I want you to remember something is to start something difficult and if you decide everything gradually be easier.

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You sleep with your jewelry?

As stated by one day one of you (jeweler profession), “sleep with gold and silver coins, it’s like sleeping with stilettos.”

I can only strongly plussoyer: like (I love saying “like” it reminds me of the dearly missed Desproges) Mireille Darc in The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe , as soon as I pass the threshold of my flat file I remove all my jewelry (not I not cut dress in the back, but I would like ;-).

I think it’s really more comfort. Even a thin ring bothers me when I’m home. Lack of training and habit. Then sleep with (I even removed my necklace Panzavolta), thank you, and why not with heels?

Beauty You sleep with your jewelry?  make up

The problems and what I like about Android

Today the Holy Innocents, a day of jokes and burlesque lies protected under this healthy habit of teasing people, I want to express with total and absolute clarity myclearest thoughts on android, specifically about what I DO NOT like , I can not stand and I hate android.

What I like, I can read every day, although we are not a blog that only good news, try to be as honest and faithful wing information as possible and report the good, the bad and regularly. A big ecosystem as android has to have all, if not, something weird smell like other cases not worth mentioning. In each house there are black sheep and dirt. The best way to know you’re doing the right thing and choosing one OS over another , we know by heart all the bugs, glitches or just things you do not like and that others might like it. This is my list:

  1. I hate it when my android battery lasts me absolutely nothing , no half measures, is a real shit and not worth me excuses of any kind. Each and every one of the android have a battery management insufferable, it’s true that you can do many things and there are 300 synchronizations and widgets that make it happen, there are 300 apps to manage, reduce consumption and a thousand tricks to minimize spending, but I want the battery to last me no more, without changing the battery or more parts, without tricks, without being an expert. No excuses, is short and needs to improve.
  2. There are hundreds of thousands of applications, and except for a dozen of them, the rest of them have a rather simple, poor and even bad interface and operation.True, there are apps to do everything and often prefer to do well to be nice, but is that even though things are effective, if they are not pretty or pleasant to use, the feeling is not complete. Missing many good games, missing my famous, missing my taste I pay they deserve, need a market to help me find better good new applications, missing, missing … and spare hundreds of applications of dubious quality, provenance and directly is malware. ‘s android marketing apps and swarming around him is a wild dunghill where to dig the well, and is inevitably have to staining. No thanks.
  3. I’m not interested Roms, or interest me just enough. not want you to tell me that this or that can do it as root and getting nosequerom with weird name DJ outdated, I do so without more without crossing swamps and ask sphinxes . I know there are many people who love to tinker and brings a lot to porpio android system but I personally not worth me as an excuse or as a balm or cure anything, is a patch for the common user.
  4. Given the above, not worth it to me if I do not update my phone is because I feel like because Nosequien has released a version of a particular ROM with the latest update of Android. No stability assures me anything I do not want to waste my time searching and updating with fear of doing something wrong if I’m not an expert. It is also true that the updates I no longer care so much, but if you would like to upgrade my phone with few guarantees on flat and clear deadlines. 
  5. Sean by considerations which are, everyone knows that the fluidity of the menus, graphical environments, and any facts that are the inmmediata response SO our finger, android is not nearly polished enough and fails, locks, and drag lag and slowness often , again, I do not care for whatever reason, do not like and do not want it that way.
  6. Manufacturers do not take advantage at all of the system freedom to innovate.counted are four things that the manufacturer has provided android, simply copy another brand, sucking jackpot success of android and innovate in an open platform and free rather little. Nothing new, all smartphones are traced each other copies. Just to see who is bigger or stronger and software aspect, stupid own interfaces delaying all updates and performance. Nothing, absolute zero, chill.
  7. Ignorance, silence, support. Neither Google nor the manufacturers nor carriers, nobody gives you solutions , answers or voice for any of the problems that can arise. All that kind of questions, knowledge gap not covered Google, has no support in Spanish and English is very scarce, manufacturers wash their hands, operators are deaf, and nobody here knows anything, leaving the user to their fate, once sold, goodbye. From the best selling Samsung Galaxy SII until those Chinese tablets do not come or the market. As this blog receipt Managed dozens of mails every day with lost people, dead end, with problems and issues that no one has ever known or will know answer. I do not know whose fault it is or why it happens or if it happens to others, only that reality exists.
  8. Finally in this list of problems and unworthy dislikes androids first world are users, if they are guilty of believing blindly in an OS like a religion, and autoexculpar guilty of defending the indefensible, as if to safeguard Holy Grail was the purity and goodness of android above all things and blacken the landscape with only opinions based beliefs. Tell your friends you’re going to buy an iphone or an android is a conflict, whether you make a decision as another. No navel gazing, look no feet or believe that your son is the most handsome. I do not want Taliban thought that free software flag painted with the symbol of Samsung me say that this or that is better.most do not need experts or gurus who tell me that two processor cores is more than one, thanks.

I hope you understand that this is my opinion, which like assholes, no one else. That many of the things, if not all, have their other hand, the good, only the bad is reflected here. I hope that I understood and understand what it is. I adore, love and I love android and that this list does not blind anyone.

Other SO not going to talk, or their failures or successes, each hold your candle stick, each with letters in front, know decide what is best for you, fits and you like it, is to decide, to be a smart shopper and not act on impulse . Thanks for having read and have helped you in something, both to reafirmaros weigh your decision, as well as anyone who has seen the light and prefer to choose another path.