It is possible to buy the home of your dreams

One of the most attractive investments of all time has been to buy real estate. The behavior of prices of new and used housing tends to increase, that is, we all know that usually, in a few years, the property you are buying tends to be recovered, contrary to what happens with other expenses as it is to buy a vehicle that depreciates in very short time. It speaks of the existence of a housing bubble, especially in Bogota and only need to inquire about the price per square meter in most localities, to know that clearly is very expensive to buy both new and used housing. The price index of new and used housing has soared significantly over the past eight years, for major cities (Bogota, Medellin, Bali and Barranquilla), which ratifying this quarterly and annual price increase, which undoubtedly has made ​​it a good time for Bali Villa Sales rather than to buy. However, this article aims to provide some strategies that can serve you if you are interested in Buying a home now or in the future, in order to make the best decision from an economic point of view and if necessary, choose the “dream home”, either to live in it or to make an investment that will generate a regular income. Most importantly, know what you want and what you want Some people want to buy a property to live in and others to make an investment and have an annual income or watch as the initial capital investment, increases with time rather than other investment alternatives such as CDT’sy without such a high risk of investing in stocks, bonds especultativos, etc. If you are looking to buy a house or apartment to live in it, consider besides knowing what you’re looking into it, it is possible that by looking at the first choices do not find exactly what I wanted. In fact, never find the perfect option for your needs.Think you should “see the potential” that has a property and think you may find an excellent opportunity and then investing a reasonable fee, you can remodel your taste and even sell it at a higher price again. Some basic aspects to be into account are: • First: take a meter. The most common mistake committed by buyers is based on what they see and “what looks can be deceiving”. Most construction firms send develop furniture to measure, so that in the house or apartment or villa model, the spaces look bigger than they really are. Wear Metro and take steps will help you know if your furniture will be the right place and the spaces are best. • Location: prospective neighborhood or town, close to access roads, ease of transportation, whether commercial establishments, companies, noise, etc. An equally important aspect may be the closeness that will have your home to your place of study or work. Are you willing to spend several hours mired in traffic before reaching its destination? • See the stratum of the property. A house or apartment major stratum may be more attractive to be in a better area, but note that this will increase also the value of tax and public services. • Have at least one own parking. Some homes have common parking or worse, have none. No matter if you have no car. You can rent it and have a monthly income to help cover their expenses. If you ever want to sell the property, it is likely that the buyer see as a disadvantage not having parking and surely this will lower the selling price. • Find the value of the administration.Usually when there are many houses or apartments for multiple floor, the value of the administration is lower than when there are few apartments so it is important to know the cost before you choose to buy the property. It is also good to check how the security service, cleanliness and others is what is supposed to be included in the value of the administration. • Check if the property is located down the street or race. This will influence the light input to your home. Also note the floor on which it is located (in the case of an apartment). This also has an effect on light penetration. • Do not set the current look, think about how it will look your home to make adjustments. There are cases of people without necessarily having much experience in the field, bought property apparently were not in the best conditions, but once done renovations (not always with excessively high prices), transformed their home into a place with spaces redesigned, better lighting, better materials, finishes and above all, creating a pleasant space tailored of preferences. Think you can make changes and turn an “ugly duckling” into a swan. Now, there will be things that structures can not be changed, think about this too. If you are looking to buy to invest your money, you should also consider these and other aspects that will ensure you make an investment worthwhile and can provide an increase in the deposited capital. We also analyze the conditions to request mortgage loans (the deadline for payment of interest and principal, if it is more convenient to make a loan in pesos or UVR, etc.) and if in relatively short time you can make a profit for their decision to buy a property.Despite the high costs of the current housing, the existence of good choices and bad and that his interest is to invest or find a place to live, if you can find “The House of Your Dreams”. It’s just a matter of patience and choose the best option according to your preferences and budget. Acknowledgement: Mauricio Izquierdo , Architect University of La Salle. Sandra Liliana Miranda ForeroMagistra in Economics and Economics, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Professor Department of Economics and Graduate Studies Health Coordinator of Graduate Studies Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

I passed the test protocol Ethics CMAT

Ricardo Gallardo Cardona: I’ll participate where my experience will further CMAT . Photo: El Sol de San Luis.
Ruby Jaime Velasquez San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí.- The Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) is the Gallardo, of Gonzalez, Martinez and Hernandez and many other families who want a better San Luis Potosi and They are willing to work to achieve it. So said Ricardo Gallardo Cardona within hours of request leave as mayor of Soledad in a decision he made ​​to be in a position to aspire to public office but not loose garment and not clarify if you like candidate for governor or local deputy, “I will participate in where my experience and political capacity to serve him more to the game and are decisions I’m taking at the time of the hand of the state and national leadership of Sol Azteca”. Clarifies that to be eligible for office has documents proving that passed the test protocol Ethics PRD “I’ll serve my party in the trench that tells me I am grateful to the opportunities I have been given militant, I’m a man commitments and I am willing to do my part to that in 2015 the PRD does well, and San Luis Potosi will go better. ” Although not confirmed whether he will seek the nomination for governor, several national media mention it as the best positioned for the post by potosina left. In an interview with The Sun of San Luis aka “Chicken Gallardo” he said leaving a town hall with sound finances, with steady course towards development, “Solitude is as a municipality under way, with important social programs with works and investments unprecedented since just last year we 700 million pesos recourse productive investment “. About Hard customs imposed his party says having successfully as it has in its possession solid documentation confirming that there is no research, no federal or state or municipal, in which we mentioned or involved with any crime.Gallardo Cardona acknowledged that not enough to make an honest and transparent government, “politicians must always be at the expense public scrutiny and how good the April Fools Pranks 2015 found the tool even more transparent its internal life and history of the people who are active, we have political aspirations and we want to win with votes the opportunity to serve society. “And reiterates ” my public and private behavior has always been attached to the law, I am convinced that power is not to be served but to serve people, and despite the political patter is clear that nothing in the federal or state level no research against me. “

How to spy on someone else’s phone?

Having access to information that another person handles in his cell, is something that everyone would like to do, but bordering on illegality and simply becomes calculators and suspicious persons. In many cases this is not right, and we do just for mobs and want to find the information that other handles, but in other circumstances, to know which of our environment is not rowing in the same direction that we will allow us to detect future Scammers , which undoubtedly will abuse your name and take out advantage in the cost of your sacrifice.

That is why , brings a great application called  Flexispy, something new and unique, something that has changed the world of espionage seriously, and has allowed people to determine who their environment are liars.

spy cell, pictures, videos, and calls whatsapp

With, you can do things like spy cell of another person without her noticing , having access to all kinds of material therein is handled, calls, text messages (SMS) , pictures, videos and all conversations WhatsApp .

Flexispy is a tool that makes his work alone, all you need is an internet connection, and from the same, we can download the application so that then we install, with a string of very simple steps that assures us that our intelligence will optimal.

Best of Flexispy is that it is completely undetectable by ensuring that the person they’re spying not have the foggiest idea of ​​our intentions to unmask never know how did you discover it in all its lies, never know as you detected and less, how you got access to their information.

Flexispy is an amazing tool but should be used with great responsibility and only when necessary.

“Promoting my youtube channel” “make known my youtube channel” “like being famous on you tube”

I want to know how I can make my videos be more known and as good as I can promote my channel for more people know the contents of my channel and let me know that I must improve on my channel. I know that you can buy safe youtube views but I want an honest way to promote my videos.

“Sub x Sub YouTube” “Sub4Sub”

* Answer

Well there are two ways for your videos are met:

1. That the recommend some famous (and talk about famous with over 100,000 subscribers)

. 2. That your videos are of quality

Honestly neither option is simple, celebrities usually never recommend to their fans and only promote each other … And on the other hand do competitive or video quality is not easy, has much creativity.

promote social networks works but must be constantly hitting videos and making friends, made ​​some time ago was very fashionable sub x sub … Many were made ​​of thousands of subscribers this way, finally grow within you tube of anything goes .. . Because once a German with bots … Cheers =)

I phoned a psychic

Cold reading is a technique used by diviners to convince their clients that obtain information from them by supernatural means. The technique is so versatile that can fool even by phone, as illustrated eloquently this article Reginald V. Finley.

On the morning of Sunday 15 August, I was watching the classifieds section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. As I was looking for a new job, I noticed a notice recruiting psychics, counseling section. I could not believe it. “Advise … I can do that!” I thought to myself.

I called the number posted and spoke to a gentleman who told me how to meet him at the Shoney’s restaurant, northwest side of town (Cobb Pkwy, Marietta, GA). When I arrived, the conference room at the back of the room was full of people eager to learn the peculiarities of the “psychic”. I apologized for being late and said jokingly that if psychic would have found the site. Everyone smiled. The leader of the meeting was a warm and friendly Caucasian woman, about 30 years. He began to explain the number of hours required, paperwork, commission structure, the tricks of the trade and so on.

The concept seemed simple: the longer you keep the listener on the line, the more you get paid. So, if you receive calls you can consistently make a fortune. A computer program calculates averages of each employee and distributes calls according to these averages.

I decided to try. They installed a line ring master in my house and within two days the calls started. I went back to see the incredible level of naivete and ignorance of these people. You got calls from people ranging from the curious to the suicidal, from the depressed until the wicked, from the young to the old. Nobody seemed immune.Over 75% of callers were women and 50% of them had more than 55 years. Worse, an alarming 95% of callers hinted believe in a god and others openly claimed. My first thought was “so why is calling me? The Bible explicitly prohibits this behavior.” Similarly, over 95% of callers truly believed that I was a psychic. Some even claimed that God had given me this ability as a gift and you should use it often.

The truth is that callers gave me plenty of information about them. Even without speaking gave me subtle clues that any observant person would capture: breathing, background noise, pauses, interjections, tone of voice; all these factors play a role. Guessed easy if someone had children, he was married, dying, or diseased. Even guessed the sex of their children. (Hey! Ultimately only get one chance to hit 50%, so … What could I lose?) However, here too it took special powers. Everything was done using reason, the probability and luck.

Was it pure coincidence that I guessed that a man was dating a woman whose name began with an “M”? No way.He told me. Part of his psychic reading was this:

Not sure why, but I see someone in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
Really! … What do you see?

I see someone whose name begins with “M” in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
Wow! (Track # 1) Hey … how you got that?

(Using the track # 1 to suppress doubts) I do not know, I’m sure (now I’m) someone whose name starts with an “M” will be an important factor in your life.

-Ingenuo 1:
That is amazing! I’m dating a woman named Martha.

At this point, I could say anything, true or false. No matter what you say at this point because … Hey, I’m a psychic! … I made a good guess Perhaps only? Damn! Of course! but it was a very ambiguous. He could apply the letter “M” to any easy thing. It helped me to discover the meaning of the letter “M”. And although the “M” did not belong or his past or his present, I could have easily transferred to your future. Either way I win. I am a psychic, remember?

Another reading was this:

Very deceived:
My boyfriend and I will be together? (Obviously there is a problem if you are asking this)

I feel troubled waters below. I hear discussions … (pause)

Very deceived:
Well, yeah (surprised) we have been arguing a lot lately. (No !!! … seriously .¡¡¿En? !!)

I see some kids here.

Very deceived:
Yes, we have a daughter (I discovered later that her boyfriend has a son who visits occasionally. This gave me more credibility).

I feel some infidelity here … (long pause)

Very deceived:
(Smiling) Really? … (Another pause)(shaking) Mmmmm …

A long pause generally denotes personal reflection. It was obvious he was trying to decide whether or not I knew she was unfaithful. Had he been free of guilt, he would have responded quickly with something like: “Who me you’re kidding?” Or maybe “I know her?” But he did not, so I saw the gap and went for it.

(Concerned) You’ve been cheating does not it?

Very deceived:
Oh my goodness! How did that?

I was sorely tempted to say: “I did not know, idiot !! … You yourself just said to me !!”

Needless to say, then I was convinced. He was with me on the phone for a full hour. You see, to $ 4.99 a minute for 60 minutes is … Well, you do count. Eventually, I began to feel horrible for perpetrating a fraud so obvious, especially since mysticism goes against everything I believe. So as a result, I resigned. I regret not telling these people after the reading, it was all Psychic Source tricks and games. Money silenced me. Now I’m happy to tell this story and oppose the mysticism.

How to become a professional SEO?

However, industry positioning exists a great chasm between an SEO “expert” professional and a mediocre one; because, if someone mastered all the theory, is not everything for a professional self proclaimed SEO.

The Basics

We could start considering that any SEO consultants now consolidated within the industry, usually started with Web design, working with certain graphics and learning of certain codes.

This task may involve some theoretical knowledge, perhaps obtained through courses or books related to the subject. The motto “no one is born learned” is faithfully applied in this case. Personally, I started updating my websites through the “Front Page” tool, taking notes of who was the webmaster of the company he worked for.

Nothing special, but getting mentally understand the internal and external dynamics of how “built” a website. Later, more advanced programs like Dreamweaver , I was forced to keep learning more about it.

The challenge

After this outside (makeup), the test for any SEO focuses on attracting visitors to the sites, which is the big challenge. At this point, it is important to consider other aspects of theoretical nature such as books, courses, lectures and others. However, “said than done, is a long way”.

It becomes a challenge because some (if not many) of the theories learned, they will never be 100% effective in practice; especially in industry positioning, where there are no “magic formula” to do things.

That is, a professional SEO may develop in any field but in each of these challenges must be increasing curiosity and in some cases, specialization. There are a number of prerequisites that must take into account, have been discussed three main requirements that are related to writing, analysis and personal characteristics.

Writing Skills

Because users do not always look for images or videos, search engines continue to focus on site content.

Therefore, a professional SEO must have great ideas and good spelling, toward optimizing this site with relevant content. It’s not about being a great writer, but rather of “play” with key words or phrases (both inside and outside the site).

Analysis of the Web

This analysis focuses on the behavior of users. That is, one must constantly review SEO traffic and tabular statistics in order to maintain a site optimized according to the topics relevant to their users. Plus additional useful tools for control of the site such as Google Webmaster Tools .

Personal characteristics

Something much more important than knowledge, is the way this is implemented. That is;same theory can be applied in different ways over time.

Therefore, the mind an SEO must be updated on topics such as Internet marketing, new technologies, emerging trends and of course, keep up on all matters involving search engine rankings. In other words, the appetite for knowledge for a professional SEO must be insatiable.

Other aspects to take into account

Subscriptions and Search Engine Watch , Search Engine Land , WebProNews , Webmaster World (all in English), and Web portals as Teachers are more than a help, an obligation.

On the other hand, a hallmark of a SEO should be the ability to work in teams, because he is the link between the client and the developer and he responsibility for the ideas and purposes of the customer will be reflected in falls the project.

Therefore, once the decision to become a professional SEO, first should cover aspects such as: get – and how to use – basic programs of Web pages, learn about HTTP commands and subscribe to pages that provide information relevant to the search engines.

Become a “professional SEO” will not be achieved in the “overnight” … and although scopes, do not forget retroalimentarte constantly.

I am someone who works answering paid surveys

I’m someone who works answering paid surveys . I’ve been doing quite a while and I’m making money. For people who have been saying that the business does not work, I think they are doing something wrong. It may be that either are not completing their profile and for that reason do not send them offers paid surveys. In the web to make money with surveys is all the information to get started. Click the banner above to visit.

Below I will explain my story of how I started in this pinecone research from home. Before you start to answer fully paid surveys, I kept looking at Google listed free online surveys, polls without paying money, etc. I found some others, I recorded, lost much time answering surveys for money, then waited anxiously to send me my checks, and only received one $ 5 dollars. They never sent me anything more. Segui searching in Google: list of paid surveys free, I came out the same companies that had made ​​me waste my time and never paid me. Well it was time I get tired of so much waste time, also need urgent money because I had run out employment. Then I thought I had to do something and fast. I thought of comparing the list of companies that pay for surveys, but as I read in many places that could find listings without pay, for this reason the had not wanted to buy before. But now he could not wait any longer had to start generating income quickly. As I had no money to invest, I had to get the $ 34.95 to buy the lists where all the companies that pay for paid surveys. I thought if I dare not, I’ll never know if the listed work or not. Was also so poor that did not have much to lose. Then buy the lists where many companies that if they pay for answering surveys paid out. Suspiciously, but buy them. Let me tell you it was the best decision I could have Toado in my life. I registered in all the companies that appear in the lists, I did everything that was told me that I should do, leaving no detail out and happily now thanks to that earn money with surveys. I am very grateful to the corporations that give me a chance to generate income with this labor supply.


I always understood that a good meal is a good way to be provided and the serving, bartending does not belittle the contrary, awakens a sense of joy great. Perhaps this I learned from my father, who was the person who taught me to work hard in life, (had up to three jobs at a time to give us the needed education and food); between one of his works and loves, was the kitchen scale and passion for entertaining …

And in my family house was a little picture with a poem by Rabindranath Tagore Bengali, which remained engraved fire me.

“I slept and dreamed
that life was joy.

I awoke and saw
that life was service.

I served, and saw
that service was joy. “

So good, without being chef or experienced cook, I want to share with you my experiences in the kitchen and leave an open space for them to leave me your recommendations and comments because, as I say, “there are people who paints pictures to relax, pinto dishes and share them. “


Because a wedding is not a wedding without flowers, demonstrates good taste you have by choosing the best combination of flowers and a harmonious and creative palette. All flowers are beautiful so feel with all the freedom to acclimate to your style and personality, but before taking some of my tips to create the best floral stage.


Leila Scarfiotti

1 BUDGET-First of all defines a budget, contact your florist make a list of the flowers you want and divide by 2, aside “must” and another which could possibly afford.

Low Season 2 Roses are the favorite flower at weddings, it is classic, yet timeless and symbolic. If you choose this flower, select a remote date of February 14 and May 10 at this time because they are so listed, can scarce and raise its price.

3rd SIN limits-if what your looking for your date is having countless flowers, ideally choose seasonal flowers for your day and rent a room outdoors where they can look better in their natural environment and gain vitality in green stage.



4th For a more abundant foliage-effect placed among much foliage flowers, accenting with more than 3 colors. I recommend Irish bell, mini lettuce, delphiniums, gyphsophilias (Baby Breath), lilies, hydrangeas and lilies of the valley.


Rachel Solomon – Tracey Hosey

5ºAROMATIZA YOUR wedding- If you marry in an inner select the most fragrant flowers like jasmine, hyacinths, gardenias, sweet peas, freesias, eucalyptus, peonies and lilies.

6th classicism- For a classic style choice need two things: at least three species of flowers and are the most classic, remember that the color palette is your choice and there are thousands of combinations to be done. This classic selection is ideal for picnics elegant weddings, outdoor and vintage air:



Joyelle West



Julie Mikos – Asphodel



Carmen Salazar – Katie Florina



Getty and Pinterest



Petal Gem – Jamie Lee



Jonas Peterson – Jane Allen



Loreta – Create and celebrate



Angela Higgins – Julie Napear

For providers of flowers for your wedding dale click the following link: Flowers Delivered Shrewsbury.

Health problems can cause you prolonged computer use

I know many of you, especially those who do not use the PC as long as we who work in it, have no idea that prolonged use of it can cause problems, sometimes serious, health.

Those who are dedicated to this we have clear, using a computer for long periods without taking the necessary measures can make us very badly.

Therefore, for prevention and “scare” a little to make them aware armo this post, with some of the health problems that may result in misuse of the PC. I say “misuse” because knowing how to prevent some things we avoid future problems. I recommend reading the post from head to toe, and if they internalize more, look at Google, as I do not want to make such a long and boring post.

home office

Vision problems

It is known that when we are focused either reading or performing a task that requires attention, the eye tends to blink less, which is a problem in the use of PC, since we are at all times “paying attention” and the brain “forgets” to blink the eye , with the consequent lack of lubrication in them. This can cause burning eyes, but be quiet with easy solution, or a PC while away, trying to blink more, or buy drops of eye drops (are counter at any pharmacy).

Spine problems

The column is one of the most affected when we do not use a proper chair, although they are totally ergonomic have a high cost, we have to look for cheaper alternatives and that we avoid the cervical and lumbar problems . Similarly, much of the problems are not due only to the chair, we put our hand to sit incorrectly (indeed, I myself do).

You can see a very clear image with tips to properly sit at a computer in this post. Sitting down and that avoids many of the health problems, headaches, back, and other conditions.

Problems in the arm and hand

There is something that has been called “Elbow pads” (and not to tell the stingy (?)) is something like what happens to players with “tennis elbow” but adapted to our environment.Mouse elbow occurs when the mouse handle supporting elbow and wrist NO, use the “mouse in the air” is one of the worst things you can do.

On the other hand we have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , which is very painful at worst, is solved with surgery . This condition is given by the pressure of one of the nerves in the wrist , not only in people who use a lot of PC, but being using the mouse all day the chances of it suffer greatly increased. It is produced by the position of the hand that is all day resting on the mouse. Ceci interesantítimo published a video with exercises to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome .

In short

And last, but most important of all, if you feel any discomfort or health problem, whether a sore arm, tingling in the fingers, or whatever … go to the doctor! , an ophthalmologist, orthopedist,, or simply the clinician who will tell you what to do. Please note thatif you grab one of these problems early will prevent serious problems later.

If they thought that I wanted to scare, yes, I did it on purpose so that those who are doing the wrong thing let not be, and those who knew nothing of the matter investigated and avoid problems.